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6 Reasons Why You Should Be a Commercial Airline Pilot

6 Reasons Why You Should Be a Commercial Airline Pilot

Are you a pilot who has obtained a private pilot certificate and wondering what should the next step be? While many pilots stop at this point, there are numerous compelling reasons to pursue a career as a commercial airline pilot. This profession allows you to operate more complex aircraft and enables you to transport passengers and cargo to various destinations while earning a living.

If you aspire to work for local airline companies in the Philippines, completing commercial airline pilot training is a crucial step. This course will develop your technical skills and at the same time ensure that you are up-to-date with the Air Law set by the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP).

In this blog post, we’ll explore six fascinating reasons why becoming a commercial airline pilot could be a career for you. Whether you’re passionate about flying, seeking a fulfilling career, or looking for job security, there are one million and one benefits in pursuing this profession. Let’s dive in and see what makes an Airline Pilot job an exciting and rewarding career path:

  1. You Can Travel to Both Domestic and Foreign Destinations

Being a commercial airline pilot can help you accomplish your life ambition of traveling the world. This line of work brings you to various locations allowing you to see the diversity and beauty of different places both local and abroad while working.

  1. You Enjoy Stunning Views While Working

Being a commercial airline pilot opens your eyes to the most breathtaking vistas of the sky and mother earth in general. Nothing compares to the indescribable cloud formations, the magnificent sunrise, and the incomparable beauty of the sunset. The perspective can change depending on the time of your flight – the blue of the sky becomes a combination of varied blue shades or the orange hue of the sunset changes to darker melting bliss and warmth.

  1. Each Workday is Unique

You won’t have to worry about routine when you work as a commercial airline pilot. You are assigned different flights with several itineraries and there is also a huge possibility that you work with different sets of crews almost every day. Each take-off and landing experience is always unique on its own. In addition, as the weather changes and as time of day passes you employ different techniques in flying. A day’s work of a pilot is a day of exciting and challenging possibilities!

  1. You’ll have more job security.

Shortly, after the pandemic, a likely rise in the demand for pilots is observed. Airlines will need to employ 600,000+ additional pilots by 2035-2036 to replace retiring pilots and avoid pilot fatigue. For these reasons, more pilots are required to carry passengers throughout the world due to the rising demand for air travel.

  1. You Get a Good Amount of Time-Off from Work

Based on the study and as stipulated in the regulations, maximum duty time, flight time, and rest periods are clearly defined in the Philippine Civil Aviation Regulation (PCAR).  With this, pilots and airline companies abide by these rules; rest periods and duty time are well taken into account by any airline company scheduler. Companies also offer 6 weeks on-duty and 6 weeks off-duty, whichever is your contract, you are still able to plan out and attend family special occasions.

  1. You Enjoy Free Travel Benefits

Free Travel Benefits are also a perk for commercial airline pilots.  You could avail of such benefits for personal use.  You may take advantage of your Free-of-Charge (FOC) tickets to visit places on your bucket lists.  If you are travel savvy you can even take advantage to explore Rest Over Night (RON) locations included in your monthly schedule – of course notwithstanding the protocols on a rest period.

After marinating on the reasons above, Contrails International Aviation Academy Inc. is a great place to start your career as a commercial airline pilot. The state-of-the-art facilities, qualified instructors, extensive curriculum, and student-centered learning will help your aviation career propelled to a greater and meaning height of learning at this aviation institution. You don’t only master your flying skills but you are also introduced to a worthwhile and relaxed environment of flight training.

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